CRISP – Capital Region Invasive Species Partnership


Efficient and effective invasive species management: increasing regional collaboration, information sharing, planning and programs.


Invasive species pose threats to our economy, environment and humans, including health.

Horticulture Industry

Become a PlantWise Industry Partner!

The Provincial PlantWise program supports the horticulture industry’s transition to become invasive-free and welcomes all plant growers, retailers, specifiers, and landscapers throughout the province to join this exciting program.

The horticulture industry is an important partner on this issue. This industry has been identified as a key pathway for the introduction and spread of horticulturally invasive plants in gardens, orchards, vineyards, hayfields, crops and wild lands across BC and beyond. Join our growing number of responsible PlantWise partners working together to educate themselves and others and stop the sale and purchase of harmful invasive plants in BC! This innovative, province-wide program works with the horticulture industry and home gardeners to prevent the spread of invasive plants by encouraging the use and purchase of non-invasive exotic or native plants. Join today and become a PlantWise Industry Partner!


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