CRISP – Capital Region Invasive Species Partnership


Efficient and effective invasive species management: increasing regional collaboration, information sharing, planning and programs.


Invasive species pose threats to our economy, environment and humans, including health.

Land Managers

If you are a land manager in the Capital Region and need support or would like to work more closely with CRISP, please contact us.

Land managers taking action on invasive species reduce impacts:

  • invasive impacts to infrastructure on your lands
  • ecological damage form invasives
  • human health and safety issues
  • potential of reduced access or use of lands
  • potential economic impacts

Local Governments interested in provincial networking and information: ISCBC Local Government webpage

CRISP can support land managers in the Capital Region (mainland):

  • sharing information and updates
  • joint staff training and support opportunities
  • valuable tools and resources
  • best practices and expert advice
  • and more – contact us!