CRISP – Capital Region Invasive Species Partnership

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Efficient and effective invasive species management: increasing regional collaboration, information sharing, planning and programs.


Invasive species pose threats to our economy, environment and humans, including health.


Knotweed Alert PDF

Please REPORT Knotweed in the Capital Region!

Knotweed is an invasive plant of significant concern in this region and beyond. Considered one of the world’s worst plant invaders, this highly aggressive plant has large, hollow, bamboo-like stems. Some of the impacts of Knotweed include:

  • Roots (rhizomes) can penetrate pavement and damage infrastructure such as roads, foundations, walls, drainage and septic systems
  • Serious damage to ecosystems, forming impenetrable stands
  • Serious damage to riparian systems and streams, excluding all other plant species and destabilizing streambanks (also allowing fragments to spread downstream)

Knotweed can have serious financial implications, including from damage to infrastructure. In the UK, serious Knotweed issues on private lands have led banks to refuse mortgages.

In the Capital Region land managers and invasive specialists have been actively managing all sites of this species while we still have a chance to eradicate it.  


“In neighbouring regions it is already too late” warns Becky Brown, Invasive Plant Specialist, with the BC government, “These plants are capable of growing through four feet of concrete and can reproduce from a fragment no larger than the size of your small finger nail”.  


CRISP seeks the assistance of the public to report all outbreaks of knotweed. If you suspect you have knotweed on your property, or notice it in other locations (public or private), please Contact Us.






Do You Have Knotweed On Your Property?

Please help us in our efforts to control and eradicate Knotweed in the Capital Region before it becomes an established species.  

How you can help:

Contact us immediately!  

Please DO NOT cut or dig Knotweed
Cutting Knotweed can increase the growth and spread of the roots (rhyzomes) and cuttings are able to start new outbreaks. Rhyzomes can spread very long distances. Trained professionals are treating Knotweed with current best practices that must include treatment to the rhyzomes.

Please DO NOT Compost Knotweed
Knotweed has the ability to regenerate from a very small root or stem fragment and can remain dormant up to 20 years.

Proper Disposal of Knotweed
If you have knotweed to dispose of please contact us at [email protected]. CRISP has a free and safe regional disposal program for Knotweed.
Do not put Knotweed in with regular household waste, compost or green bin waste.
Knotweed can also be disposed of at the Hartland Landfill, but is considered a controlled waste requiring a permit (for a reduced fee).