CRISP – Capital Region Invasive Species Partnership


Efficient and effective invasive species management: increasing regional collaboration, information sharing, planning and programs.


Invasive species pose threats to our economy, environment and humans, including health.

Prevent Species

Help prevent high-risk new invasions in our region.  These species are on watch-lists to prevent invasions and to report and eradicate if found.

Prevent species in the Capital Region include:

 Coastal ISC information: Kudzu

 Ontario information: Kudzu




More prevent species on CRISP’s: Priority Species List

Flowering Rush

Flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) is a beautiful aquatic perennial resembling a large sedge. This delicate-almond scented plant can be found along shore lines of lakes or rivers. As…learn more

Zebra and Quagga Mussels

Zebra (Dreissena polymorpha) and quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) are fingernail-sized, freshwater mollusks that can easily attach themselves to objects and other organisms. They can clog…learn more